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Introduction - 

ICL Indian Combat League is the Official amateur and professional Combat Sport/ Mixed Martial Arts Event under the National Martial Arts Committee India. 

ICL Indian Combat League has been sanctioned by International Association of Combative Sports. 

ICL Indian Combat League has been trademark registered under the Trademark Act of Government of India since October 2019.

Founder Introduction -

Master R.K. Bharat is the Chief Executive Officer of the ICL Indian Combat League and He started the ICL Official as an Amateur and Sports MMA event in 2021.

Master R.K. Bharat started martial arts (Shotokan Karate) at the age of 7. After several years of hard training, he got a Black Belt by the All India Karate Federation in 2010.

He is a multiple-time national champion of Karate and Gold Medalist of the 2016 World Martial Arts Games in Johannesburg, South Africa and Silver Medalist  of the 2017 World Martial Arts Games, Florida, USA. 

He is currently Black Belt 4 Dan in Shotokan Karate and Black Belt (Level-1) in Mixed Martial Arts by the International Association of Combative Sports.

He represented India as Coach of the Indian Team at the 2019 World Martial Arts Games, London (United Kingdom).

He is the Director and MMA Trainer of National Martial Arts Academy India and General Secretary of National Martial Arts Committee India (affiliated to Asian Martial Arts Games Committee and World Martial Arts Games Committee).

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